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Clinton, Michigan

“The Fallen aren’t stuck in Hell, we’re free to walk the earth.  We carry Hell with us.  I've been in that reeking inferno, wallowing in filth, grief and anguish for thousands of years.... Then, one day, in the thickest part of the tormented screaming there came a melody, accompanied by the very first cool breeze to enter the furnace...ever. Hell fell silent.  It hurt." Acheron paused, Lyric dared not break the silence, he realized no one, not even Singers, had this much knowledge about what lay behind the third veil. "It hurt because it carried a sound I hadn't heard for so long that I'd almost begun to think it a dream." Her gaze drifted back from its distant vision and looked him seriously in the eye. "It's the dichotomy of the damned my Lovely Singer. Over the millennia, the grief, the agony, they turn to hate and anger. But beneath it all lies sorrow, the unhealing wound... The sorrow of Hell is never again hearing the Song of Creation. I don't know what makes you different Lyric,” Lyric’s eyebrows jumped at her use of his name.  “But you cast a Song so strong it silenced the damned. Do you have any idea what that means? You sang... and Hell was quiet. You have an echo of the Voice in you and because of my nature; I'm torn between wanting to love you and wanting to rip you to shreds.”

EXCELLENT! Exceeds expectations of the modern fantasy stories! Gives a fresh look and new spin on fairies, werewolves, demons, vampires, shape shifters and more. Sookie Stackhouse you've met your match in the form of a Soul Singer named Lyric. I eagerly wait to discover what happens with the Guild.

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It takes a lot for an author to take me into another world within our world. I don't want to think about how that couldn't possibly work. I want to be lost in the story. I am an avid reader, and much of what I read turns out to be the same old thing, or just forgettable. So I read Demon Singer. I was lost (in a good way) in this world, and I think about the characters like I know them When I consider this is a first time author, with more of this story to come, it is even more of a win. I reread it soon after I finished it the first time. I am sure I will read it again. If you enjoy fantasy, I recommend Demon Singer. Let go and enjoy the ride!


April 18, 2018

B: Hello Acheron, thank you for agreeing to meet with me.

A:  Absolutely, you're much better looking in person. That picture of you in the paper sucked.

B:  You read the newspaper?

A:  Usually just the funnies.

B:  You enjoy the comics?

A:  No, the obituaries.

B:  I walked...

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